The Success at Southern TRIO SSS Ambassador Program Initiative encourages the active participation of its students and Alumni in promoting Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS services through presentations, orientations, and/or events to current and prospective TRIO-SSS students.

The TRIO-SSS Ambassador is a Success at Southern TRIO SSS student or a Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS Alumni who works directly with TRIO-SSS Staff to promote services and help engage TRIO-SSS current students into the different services provided by Success at Southern TRIO SSS. TRIO-SSS Ambassador must have strong communication and organizational skills, and the capability to connect with students, a level of self-awareness and confidence, works well in a team setting, be committed to all required activities and training sessions, and enjoys helping others.

This a voluntary position and only available for active Success at Southern TRIO SSS students at Southern Oregon University. TRIO-SSS Ambassadors will be selected by a committee integrated by administrative and faculty staff members. 


                           Amber   Karma   Whillamina

                           Katie   Brenda Ambassador 2021   Christy

Minimum requirements and expectations

The TRIO-SSS Ambassador is required and expected to:

  • Have actively participated in the TRIO-SSS program at Southern Oregon University for at least one term or have previous experience with TRIO-SSS programs
  • Be a full-time student and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 or be a graduated Success at Southern TRIO SSS student (TRIO-SSS Alumni)
  • Be in good academic standing at Southern Oregon University
  • Strong communication and organizational skills, and the capability to connect with students
  • Be a team player with a good sense of humor and an enthusiastic and professional attitude
  • Attend, assist and collaborate with the TRIO-SSS Staff during events (in-person or virtually) such as Preview Days, Raider Registration Events, TRIO-SSS tours, among others
  • Collaborate and assist the TRIO-SSS Staff with promotional material, presentations, among others
  • Have respect for diversity and willingness to learn about other cultures
  • Technically savvy
  • Arrive on time to all scheduled meetings/events or notify TRIO-SSS Staff of conflicts in a timely manner
  • Commit to the TRIO-SSS Ambassador Program for at least one (1) academic year
  • Work as a team with other TRIO-SSS Ambassadors to plan and hold events and activities that promote Success at Southern TRIO SSS services for TRIO-SSS current and prospective students
  • Attend all training sessions and regular ambassadors team meetings
  • Represent Success at Southern TRIO SSS and Southern Oregon University by conducting yourself in a professional manner with students and staff
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Serve as a positive role model for other TRIO-SSS students
  • Fill out TRIO SSS Ambassador application (required)
  • TRIO SSS Advisor recommendation letter (highly recommended)

Important benefits:

  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills and a professional resume
  • Personal development and socialization
  • Experience in oral communication skills and confidence building
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • The satisfaction of being involved in a dynamic and supportive team

Do you consider that you meet all the requirements and expectations?

2023-2024 Application is COMING SOON!- TRIO-SSS Ambassador application  

Please feel free to call us at 541-552-6062 or contact us at if you have any questions. 
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