1. Increase comprehension of the following:
   (a) Banner Finance User Manual
   (b) Reading budget balances
   (c) Reading fund balances
   (d) Banner Finance index, fund, and organization code structure.

2. Build skill in the following:
   (a) Navigation in Banner Finance
   (b) Journal voucher entry
   (c) Printing and reading Banner Finance reports.


These sessions are open to anyone who wishes to attend; each one lasts two hours. The first hour of each session provides entry-level navigation and journal voucher training. The second hour touches on more advanced subjects. All sessions include a question-and-answer time for help in areas that are not listed above.


Type of Instruction
Lecture format with hands-on applications: BannerTM Finance screens are projected at the front of the classroom. Individual participants use both a computer and hard-copy materials as required.


Dates, Times, Registration
For dates, times, and registration of group training, go to Training Page on Business Services website, contact the Accounting Manager or the Fiscal Coordinator in Business Services.    


Individual Training
One-on-one training is available throughout the year for new employees or  specific needs within a department. These one-hour sessions are conducted at your personal computer. To schedule one-on-one training, contact Accounting manager, Patti Eliot, (552-6065), eliotp@sou.edu


Additional Training Materials

To go directly to the Banner FIS Training Manual, click here .  Also, additional information and PowerPoint presentations from the Business Services Training Workshop are available online on the Business Services Training Page .  These training materials will assist you in conducting business at SOU.  FIS-related topics covered include invoices, journal vouchers, grants, reading and understanding reports, and many more.

Training and general information

See Business Services Staff  page for contact information.