1. Purchases of Fixed Assest over $5,000 require a BannerTM Finance Purchase Order. 
  2. No Purchase order is required for recurring invoices and invoices that relate to a previously signed contract. 

  3. Orders for smaller purchases can often be made in person or by phone with either a departmental US Bank VISA Purchasing Card or a BannerTM Finance index code. 

  4. If an invoice or packing slip is received when purchasing an item, please submit it to your appropriate department staff person for processing.  Turning receipts in is required on all purchases/reimbursements. 
  5. The following contracts can be used without engaging in a competitive process regardless of dollar amount. Departments should consider purchasing from these contracts when product quality and service requirements are met and cost savings can be obtained:
    Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN)
    State of Washington Contracts