Airline reservations and ticket purchases can be made with any travel agency or airline. We recommend that two or more quotes be obtained to secure the lowest price. If quotes are obtained, please document them on or attach them to the travel expense report form in order to assist Business Services in documenting savings to auditors.  

  1. When purchasing airline tickets, the lowest possible fare should always be obtained. Plan ahead to take advantage of airfare wars, 7-, 14-, and 21-day advance ticketing, and Saturday stay-over.
  2. Employee airline ticket purchases are to be paid with the US Bank VISA Travel Card or personal credit card/cash. Upon completion of the trip, reimbursement for airfare must be claimed on the travel expense report form and documented by the passenger receipt. If the bill for airfare is due prior to the return date of the trip, an airfare reimbursement form (with copy of passenger receipt attached) may be submitted to the Travel Office.
  3. Non-employee airline ticket purchases will be paid by reimbursement to the traveler, direct pay invoice to the travel agency, or an alternative payment method arranged with the Travel Office.  Flight insurance for non-employees is not reimbursable (as credit goes to the individual).  
  4. Checked baggage fees will be reimbursed with a limitation of 2 standard weight bags (standard weight to be determined by the airline). Receipts required if over $25 per bag.

State Contract Rates

The state contract offers special "City Pair" unrestricted rates. Travelers should use Jackson Travel (779-5525) for these rates unless a lower fare can be obtained elsewhere and/or they are unable to accommodate the traveler's schedule. Payment for airfare must be made using the US Bank VISA Travel Card. 


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