Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Outcomes

  • Mathematics graduates display a depth and breadth of mathematical knowledge in both pure and applied areas.

Skill Outcomes

  • Mathematics graduates analyze data and model real-world problems, using technology as appropriate.
  • Mathematics graduates provide effective rationale and coherent mathematical arguments to support their conclusions.
  • Mathematics graduates effectively communicate complex mathematical concepts orally and in writing.

Dispositional Outcomes

  • Mathematics graduates learn independently.
  • Mathematics graduates value their mathematical achievements as well as express an appreciation for mathematics itself.

Lower Division Core (26 credits)

  • Elementary Statistics (Mth 243)
  • Single-Variable Calculus (Mth 251, 252, 253)
  • Multivariable Calculus (Mth 281)
  • Linear Algebra (Mth 261)
  • Mathematical Perspectives (Mth 290)

Upper Division Sequences (39-41 credits)

  • Foundations:
    Number Structures (Mth 311) and Geometry (Mth 411)
  • Analysis:
    Introduction to Real Analysis (Mth 331) and one Analysis Topic (Mth 431)
  • Abstract Algebra:
    Introduction to Algebraic Systems (Mth 341) and one Abstract Algebra Topic (Mth 441)
  • Probability and Statistics:
    Probability (Mth 361) and one Statistics Topic (Mth 461)
  • Applied Area: Differential Equations (Mth 321) AND 
    Any one Applied Mathematics Topic (Mth 421) or any two distinct topics in Middle
    School and High School Mathematics (Mth 481) 

Capstone (6 credits)

  • Senior Colloquium (Mth 490)

Associated Requirements (3-4 credits)

  • Computer Programming (CS 271, CS 256, CS 257, CH 371, PH 380 or approved substitution)

Grade Policies

  • All classes required for the major must be taken for a grade.
  • No more than 2 requirements may be met with a grade below C-.

Prospective Middle School and High School Mathematics Teachers:

Students who complete the Mathematics Major and choose the two Mth 481 topics for their fifth sequence also meet the course prerequisites for the Advanced Mathematics Endorsement.


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