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Why Major in Math?

Mathematics, one of the most challenging academic subjects, is also one of the most rewarding -- not just for intellectual growth but also for the competitive advantage needed in today's technical workplace.

Mathematics challenges you to think critically, analytically, abstractly and innovatively. Applied to life skills -- both personal and professional -- mathematics can provide the needed edge, not just on your resume but for self enrichment as well.

There are many career paths and job opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

"Mathematician" may not be a common job title, but looking at the technologically based careers available today, it becomes apparent that math skills underlie many opportunities in the modern job market.

Equally important, mathematics provides career flexibility, timelessly spanning numerous fields. Career changes are readily achievable to those whose core training encompasses solid mathematical skills.

Employers value the knowledge, skills and abilities a math degree provides.

Mathematical skills are among the most valued by employers, based as they are on the ability to quickly learn technique and concept.

Possibly the most versatile of all undergraduate college majors, mathematics provides dexterity in problem solving, critical thinking, and analysis; facility with data; and the ability to work with quantitative information.

A math degree gives you access to a multitude of graduate programs in law, medicine, business or the sciences.

Graduate programs value mathematics majors for their versatility, analytical skills and ability to problem solve. The phrase "They only majored in math" is never derogative -- math is high on the list of academic assets.

You can minor or double major in math and another program such as business, economics, computer science, or one of the sciences.

"Understanding the math" is a key element of success in the sciences, engineering, economics and finance. Majoring or minoring in math helps a student become knowledgeable and adaptable in many fields.

Explore jobs and internships for Math students and discover opportunities that match your personal interests. Give feedback over time and watch your job matches get better with each visit.


Curtis Feist
Mathematics Department Chair
Office: Science 182
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520
Tel:(541) 552-6577