Mathematics Department 


The Mathematics Department at Southern Oregon University is committed to providing an excellent major for students whose career goals are K-12 teaching, immediate entry into the workforce, or pursuit of a graduate degree in mathematics. The Department is an active partner with our region and with other programs in science, social science, business, and education by providing specialized mathematical training or expertise. The Department is committed to high quality instruction for all students in mathematics courses, and it nurtures pleasant and constructive faculty-student interaction.


The Mathematics Department at Southern Oregon University aspires to be regionally and nationally recognized for its excellence. By providing innovative and high quality instruction with a team of superb faculty, students will receive outstanding preparation for graduate study in mathematics, professional careers such as K-12 teaching, or immediate entry into the workforce. The department also strives to convince all students that mathematics plays a meaningful role in their lives and to improve their overall attitude toward mathematics. The Department further aspires to be a valuable and expert resource to the University community, and to regional businesses and agencies.


Mission and Vision for Southern Oregon University: PDF File