Year:  2018


16 schools from Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties representing 332 students participated in five meets during the 2017-2018 school year. These schools were divided into two divisions, 4A and 3A-2A. A total of 42 teams participated in five meets with an additional 15 Junior SOML teams competing in the last meet. Members of the SOU mathematics faculty operated the meets. The coordinator, SOU Mathematics Senior Instructor Larry Shrewsbury, supervised the preparation of questions and reports.

Participating Schools in the Southern Oregon Mathematics League (SOML) 

4A Schools                                        3A-2A Schools

Ashland High School                          Butte Falls High School

Eagle Point High School                     Gold Beach High School

Grants Pass High School                   Hidden Valley High School

North Medford High School                Illinois Valley High School

South Medford High School               Klamath Union High School 

St. Mary’s High School                       Mazama

Crater High School                             North Valley High School

                                                            Phoenix High School             

                                                            Henley High School   

Participating Schools in the Junior Southern Oregon Mathematics League

4A Schools                                        3A-2A Schools

Ashland High School                          Butte Falls High School

Grants Pass High School                   Illinois Valley High School

North Medford High School                Gold Beach High School       

St. Mary's High School                       North Valley High School      

Crater High School    

SOML Mathematics League awards were given to the following


4A Team Awards                               School           

1st        SQRT(0w0)                            St. Mary’s       

2nd       Undefined                               St. Mary’s

3rd        Dirty Integrals                          Grants Pass


3A-2A Team Awards                        School

1st        Infinity=5                                 Klamath Union                       

2nd       Bad Asymptotes                     Hidden Valley             

3rd        Pi-rates                                   Phoenix                      

4A Individual Awards                       Name /School

1st        Suki Xu                                   St. Mary’s

2nd       Bob Gu                                   St. Mary’s                   

3rd        Jenny Xiang                           St. Mary’s

3A -2A Individual Awards                Name/School

1st        Andrew Cherpeski                  Klamath Union

2nd      David Moore                           Hidden Valley

3rd        Daniel Beachy                        Hidden Valley 

Students Invited to the Oregon Invitational Mathematics Tournament:

Student’s Name:                               School Name:

Level III (Geometry):

Michael Carrabba                               Ashland

Milan Hague                                       Ashland

Adam Moeglein                                  Ashland

Charlie Dyson                                    Ashland

Reed Pryor                                         Ashland

Jonah Rosewood                               Ashland

Level IV (Algebra II):

Derek Potts                                         Grants Pass

Michael Hendrick                                Grants Pass

Jackson Rice                                      Ashland

Milo Bertrand                                      Ashland

Yelim Shin                                          St. Mary’s

Alyana Diaz McNeal                          St. Mary’s

Grant Lulich                                       North Medford

Hayden Lackey                                  Grants Pass

Mia Rollins                                         Ashland

Alexander Ourant                              Ashland

Level V (Pre-Calculus):

Jacob Haynes                                    Crater

Parker Landon                                   North Medford

Carson Grabosky                               St. Mary’s

Aaron Mendez                                    Phoenix

Jason Oh                                            St. Mary’s

Level VI (Calculus):

Jakob Lovern                                     South Medford

Kuixiong Wang                                   St. Mary’s

Chelsey Chiu                                      Grants Pass

Peter Zhu                                            St. Mary’s

Julian Rice                                          Ashland

Honorable Mention for Level II (Algebra 1):

Emma Commins                                 Eagle Point

Dylan Hubbs                                       Eagle Point

Connor Vassallo                                  Eagle Point