Year:  2019


15 schools from Jackson, Josephine and Klamath counties representing 300 students participated in five meets during the 2018-2019 school year. These schools were divided into two divisions, 4A and 3A-2A. A total of 38 teams participated in five meets with an additional 13 Junior SOML teams competing in the last meet. Members of the SOU mathematics faculty operated the meets. The coordinators, SOU Mathematics Senior Instructor Larry Shrewsbury and Associate Professor Lisa Wileman, supervised the preparation of questions and reports.

Participating Schools in the Southern Oregon Mathematics League (SOML) 

4A Schools                                        3A-2A Schools

Ashland High School                          Butte Falls High School

Eagle Point High School                    Gold Beach High School

Grants Pass High School                   Hidden Valley High School

North Medford High School                Illinois Valley High School

South Medford High School               Klamath Union High School 

St. Mary’s High School                       Mazama High School

Crater High School                             North Valley High School

                                                            Phoenix High School              

Participating Schools in the Junior Southern Oregon Mathematics League

4A Schools                                        3A-2A Schools

Ashland High School                          Butte Falls High School

Grants Pass High School                   Klamath Union High School

North Medford High School                Gold Beach High School       

St. Mary's High School                       North Valley High School      

Eagle Point High School    

SOML Mathematics League awards were given to the following                                               

4A Team Awards                                         

1st        St. Mary’s High School       

2nd       Ashland High School 

3rd        North Medford High School        

3A-2A Team Awards                      

1st        North Valley High School                       

2nd       Klamath Union High School          

3rd        Hidden Valley High School                      

4A Individual Awards                       Name /School

1st - Tie       Sarah Aaronson             Ashland High School

                 Julie Choi                      St.Mary's High School

2nd - Tie      Rena Li                             St. Mary’s High School

                  Alicia Lu                        St. Mary’s High School

                 Sally Nguyen                 St. Mary’s High School

                 Emi Tran                        St. Mary’s High School

3rd - Tie      Zack Gorman                Eagle Point High School

                 Parker Landon               North Medford High School

3A -2A Individual Awards                Name/School

1st        Daniel Beachy                     Hidden Valley High School

2nd     Owen Pickering                   North Valley High School

3rd        Aaron Mendez                    Phoenix High School  


Students Invited to the Oregon Invitational Mathematics Tournament:

Student’s Name:                               School Name:

Level III (Geometry):

Rachel Davis                                    Ashland

Claire Davis                                      Ashland

Skyler Sharma                                  Ashland

Joe Warner                                       Crater

William Cobb                                     Ashland


Level IV (Algebra II):

Tai Dang                                         St. Mary's

Hester Li                                         St. Mary's

John Shaughnessy                         St. Mary's

Nicholas Rist                                  Grants Pass

Sung Jung Hoon                            Crater

Tom Wang                                      St. Mary’s

Milan Hague                                   Ashland

Asa Picton                                      Ashland

Jonah Rosewood                           Ashland


Level V (Pre-Calculus):

Jayden Grunde                                Ashland

Kellen Rice                                      Ashland

Michael Hendrick                            Grants Pass

Charles Tang                                   North Medford

Alexander Ourant                            Ashland

Mia Rollins                                       Ashland

Julie Choi                                        St. Mary's


Level VI (Calculus):

Carson Grebosky                            St. Mary's

Zachary Gorman                             Eagle Point

Ammon Ormerod                            North Medford

Marina Qian                                    St. Mary’s

Parker Landon                                North Medford

Sally Nguyen                                  St. Mary's


Honorable Mention for Level II (Algebra 1):

Malia Plozett                                   Crater