Math Tutors for Hire

Tutors on this list are self-employed and normally charge $25-50 per hour. The individual hiring the tutor pays the tutor directly; Southern Oregon University is not responsible for any charges incurred under these arrangements. The SOU Mathematics Department monitors and supplies this list as a service to the community at large, but cannot guarantee the quality of service. If you would like to provide feedback on one or more of these tutors or if you'd like to be considered for addition to this list, please contact Curtis Feist, Chair of the Mathematics, at 541/552-6577 or

Maggie Andrews - All undergrad Math & Statistics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology: MTH 60, 65, 95, 111, 112, 235, 243, 251, 252, 253, 261, 281, 321, 361

(765) 543-7542 (text)

I am a full-time, professional tutor with over 15 years teaching/tutoring experience.  I am also the founder and director of the BuffTutor Network.  For over 10 years, BuffTutor has connected college and high school students with experienced and passionate tutors.  All of our tutors have at least 1 year prior teaching experience, have excelled in the courses they tutor, have passed our challenging proficiency exams and have passed a background check.  Your success is our success!

Bill Beecher 60, 65, 95, 111, 112, 158, 211, 212, 213, 243, 251, 252, 253, 261, 281, 421, 461
(541) 482-0682

I have prior teaching experience with the SOU Math Dept. I will tutor high school and college levels.

Elizabeth Churchill 60, 65, 95, 111, 112, 211, 212, 213, (+K12)
(541) 499-2120

Experienced, professional math tutoring. Subjects available for tuition include SOU courses listed above, high-school math courses, K-12, PSAT/SAT/GED, homeschool support, and "talented and gifted" accelerated learning.

Rebecca Davis 60, 65, 95, 111, 112, 252, 252
(650) 218-6392

I have loved tutoring/teaching all levels of math (pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, precalculus, calculus) for over 18 years. I am a credentialed classroom teacher, but I love working one-on-one with students because it allows me to quickly figure out their learning style and to tailor my instruction to what works for them. I believe that it is necessary to teach math for understanding rather than having students memorizing procedures, and it is probably through my engineering background that I recognize that it is critical to break down problems and concepts into steps, the size of which depends directly on the needs of the student. I strongly believe that everyone can be successful at math, and my goal is to give students the tools and confidence they need to achieve success.

Adam Deaton 60, 65, 95, 11, 112, 243, 251, 252, 253, 261, 281, 321, 331, 341, 421, 441 and more.
(281) 979-9790

I have a bachelor of science in pure mathematics and have taken various graduate course in mathematics as well. As a graduate student, I have taught college courses in pre-calculus and calculus 1 and served as a teaching assistant in classes ranging from algebra II, calculus 1 and 2, differential equations, and high level abstract math courses. I have worked one on one with students of all levels, from high school freshman to college math majors, so I’m confident I can help any kind of student improve their math skills. I am available for online tutoring or in person tutoring in the Ashland/Rogue Valley area.

David Greenberg - Math Through Calc I, including Statistics; Test Prep (ie GMAT, GRE)
(503) 664-4155

David Greenberg graduated with honors from New York University in 2008. He has tutored students one-on-one, in small groups, and in classroom settings for over nine years. David studied Mathematics and Economics and teaches math, science, English, economics, and test prep. He also works in the community helping local non-profits and co-ops get up and running. In his spare time he loves reading, playing board games, soccer, and salsa dancing.

Idea Tutors
(858) 480-7727

Idea Tutros has a highly credentialed team of online and in-person tutors who can provide tutoring for college and high school level math, science, English, test preparation, and all other academic subjects. Services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Jem Kloor - Math
(541) 292-7939

I have been tutoring students in math for over seven years and have experience tutoring both high school and college level courses, everything from pre-algebra to differential equations. I graduated from SOU with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics in 2014. Please feel free to call, email, or text me to schedule a session or discuss your specific tutoring needs!

Chuck Laurenson 243, 361, 461, 561, 581; BA 282; Psy 228, 229
(541) 488-4018

I have a Masters in Statistics, and an extensive background in business statistics, statistical analysis, statistical quality control, and quality management. I have worked as a senior statistician with Hewlett-Packard, and as a senior manager for high tech companies. I am available to tutor in Ashland and the outlying areas.

Kim Marie Murphy MTH 60, 65, 95,105, 111,112, 158, 211, 212, 213, 261, 321, 341, and more
(541) 488-8520 and (541) 301-2351

I tutor various levels of Math (Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Pre-Calculus, etc.), Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Environmental Science, etc.), English (any kind of writing course), and standardized test preparation (GRE, CBEST, placement tests, SAT, etc.). I have an M.S. Degree in Marine Geochemistry; have worked both as a freelance writer and a technical writer, and have over 14 years of experience tutoring at RCC and privately. I am passionate about my work as a tutor and welcome opportunities to mentor students of all ages and abilities.

Ryan Stallings MTH 60, 65, 95, 105, 111, 112, 211, 212, 213, 243
(541) 499-2440

I have a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and  extensive experience tutoring mathematics from middle school up through calculus and statistics.  I also tutor physics, general chemistry and biology related classes.  My focus is to teach how to approach any logical problem in a systematic way so you will thrive in all your future math and science courses.