4 Steps to Complete Math Placement @ SOU

Watch a video introduction to how ALEKS works!

  1. Activate your ALEKS Account

    • SOU has partnered with ALEKS to administer math placement exams. Head to inside.sou.edu, log in, and then click the link for ALEKS in the blue "Online Services" section. This should automatically add you to SOU's math placement class.

  2. Complete the Survey & Tutorial

    • When you first log into ALEKS, it will prompt you to answer a short survey where you indicate your last math class. 

    • Next, ALEKS will prompt you to complete a short tutorial on how to use the website. This is important as you will complete the placement exam in ALEKS using these tools. 

  3. Take the First Assessment

    • Take the first math placement exam on your own. You have 2.5 hours to complete the exam. 

    • You may use one of the following calculators throughout the exam: scientific calculators and basic graphing calculators (e.g. TI-73, TI-83, or TI-84).

    • For ADA accommodations for testing, please contact our Disability Resources office (dr@sou.edu) for scheduling your math placement exam.

    • Your placement level will be transferred from ALEKS to SOU within 2 business days. Once your placement has been transferred to SOU, you can register for a math course that matches your placement level

  4. Retake the Placement Exam

    • If you are unhappy with your initial placement results and would like to retake the exam, you may do so. You may take the exam up to 5 times. 

    • You must wait at least 72 hours before retaking the exam.

    • You must spend a minimum amount of time completing Learning Activity modules in ALEKS prior to retaking. Once you complete the required time in the modules, the next placement exam will be unlocked. 

      • Before taking a 2nd placement: 3 hours in Learning Modules

      • Before taking a 3rd placement: 5 hours in Learning Modules

      • Before taking a 4th placement: 8 hours in Learning Modules

      • Before taking a 5th placement: 10 hours in Learning Modules

    • Are you interested in getting tutored? SOU students have access to the excellent peer tutors in our Math Tutoring Center located in the SOU Library. 

Still have questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.