Whether you are a recent high school graduate, transfer student, or current student, it is important to understand the layout of math placement here at Southern Oregon University. 

A "Math Placement" represents the numerical assessment of a student's math skills, in terms of the courses they are eligible to take. A math placement level is created by on of three ways: a placement assessment, SAT/ACT/Smart Balance (SBAC) scores, or the successful passing of a college (including preparatory) math course with a grade of a C- or better. Below you will find information on the different classifications of Math Placements at SOU. 

Trying to find information on the Math Placement Assessment? Check out our Math Placement Assessment page!

Math Placement from ACT, SAT, or SBAC Exams Scores

Placements from exam scores are only valid for 2 years after the exam was taken. Students can only place into Math Level 100 or 111 from ACT, SAT, or SBAC scores. 

Scores lower than the ranges below must take the ALEKS Placement Assessment

Students scoring higher than the ranges below are strongly recommended to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment for accurate placement.

Math Placement from the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment

Students who take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment can place anywhere in the preparatory math courses, all the way up to calculus. Below is a reference to help students navigate the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment scores.

Math Placement from Collegiate Coursework (Math Transfer Level)

What is a Math Level or Math Transfer Level? 

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