The STEM Division at SOU is dedicated to the success of our students, not only in the classroom, but also in their career paths. Students have the opportunity to work with their faculty on gaining necessary skills for their desired career path, and even utilizing our faculty to find out about new internships and full-time opportunities. The importance of quality STEM education is to gain career opportunities that allow students to build upon research and apply knowledge gained through their respective degree programs. Below, students can find links to both common job posting boards, as well as specific job postings which the STEM Division has been made aware of. 


Finding Student Employment on Campus:

It is no secret that having a student job can make make you more valuable when searching for an internship and even professional placement. Opportunities come through our faculty every year and available positions will be posted below. Students should also take a moment to look at Handshake for Students to search for jobs on campus, and in the community. Resources on how to navigate Handshake, build a great profile and search for jobs are available below. All students should feel encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor(s), student success coordinator and Office Career Connections to help you find student jobs opportunities. 

Links for Student Employment Assistance:

Office of Career Connections or Handshake for Students

Handshake User-Guide

FOCUS-2 Career Skills Assessment