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The SOU STEM Division proudly presents
Friday Science Seminars 

This weekly seminar series will cover a wide variety of topics from academic, industrial, commercial, and non-profit sectors in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. 
  • The lectures are usually scheduled on Fridays from 3:30 – 5:00 pm in the SOU Science Auditorium, Science Building room 151
    (please note that lectures are held during academic terms only - we do not schedule presentations during break periods).

  • These events are free and open to the public. 

  • Keep in touch! If you would like to receive a weekly announcement of our upcoming lecture, please email your request.


   Winter 2023 Seminars

  • March 10 - What Can We Learn From a Fish? Zebrafish as a model of neuronal function and disease

Dr. Michael Johnson, Associate Professor of Chemistry from the University of Kansas, will discuss his work developing electroanalytical methods for the study of Parkinson's disease. Specifically, the use of fast-scan cyclic voltammetry to measure the effects of Zn2+ on dopamine release and uptake in zebrafish brains. Dr. Johnson will also speak about the graduate school experience at research universities.

Johnson Michael


  • February 10 - Fires and Floods: Exploring Environmental Questions with Analytical Chemistry Methods

Dr. Chris Babayco will discuss how analytical chemistry tools can be used, in conjunction with biological methods, to understand human impacts on the environment. During the talk, we will examine how cocaine was used to track the movement of wastewater within a Missouri State Conservation Area as well as explore the ongoing impacts of the Almeda fire and Interstate 5 on Bear Creek. 



Fall 2022 Seminars

  • November 4 - Fall into Chemistry Live Demo

Spring 2022 Seminars

  • April 15 - A Small Molecule Approach to Treat HIV Positive Patients

Dr. Todd Elworthy of Roche Pharmaceuticals will present his research program targetting HIV reverse transcriptase (RT) for inhibition. Relying on multiple scientific areas, we will explore inhibiting RT of patients previosly treated under highly active antiretroviral therapy. X-ray crystallography guided two aspects: the identification of a unique binding mode of biphenyl ethers to the known allosteric site of RT and the design of small molecules with improved enzyme interaction. 

A biphenyl ether template afforded a robust range of patentable structures. This talk will focus on the synthesis of these molecules. We will also address the inhibition of multiple RT mutants and their accompanying antiviral activity.

HIV reverse transcriptase


  •  April 1 - Digging for Gold - Discovering the Golden Ratio 

Mathematics professor from Santa Rosa Junior College, John Martin MA will explore how, over the years, many people have ascribed mystical properties to the number known as the golden ratio.  Recently, several authors have taken the opposite view.  In this talk, we will explore some of the legend and lore surrounding this number as well as the mathematics behind it.  Careful sifting will reveal some nuggets.

The golden ration


Fall 2021 Virtual Seminars

  • October 15 - Cannabis and Cannabinoid Science - Past, Present, and Future

    Join Cannabis researcher, author and Southern Oregon University alum, Jason Wilson MS on a quest to understand the long, strange journey of Cannabis and cannabinoid science from the 1800s to modern day with a brief look at the emerging new frontier of cannabinoid science that is extending far beyond its roots in the Cannabis plant thousands of years ago. This seminar is perfect for all curious minds that are interested in understanding more about the science of the Cannabis plant and the potential research opportunities available to new generations of Cannabis and cannabinoid scientists.

    All individuals are welcome to join this free event on Friday, October 15th at 3:30pm via Zoom. 

Oct 15 Cannabis and Cannabinoid Copy

  • October 1 - Summer of Science

    Learn how SOU's STEM students spent their summer to help inform your Summer 2022 planning!

    Speakers are SOU STEM Students: Jack Diab, Megahn Distifeno, Maya Helms, Eliana Kenner, Colton Noyes, Alejandro Robles, and Robert Running.

    All individuals are welcome to join this free event on Friday, October 1st at 3:30pm, Zoom link:

FSS Oct 1 Summer of Science 3