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STEM Division Mission Statement

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Division is committed to demonstrating the critical role of analytical thinking and scientific methodology required to address global issues. STEM programs offer a wide range of high quality undergraduate programs and selected graduate programs essential in preparing our students to meet this demanding need.  Our programs involve students in significant research activities that build investigative and communication skills in order to achieve competence, coupled with confidence. Our faculty are committed to teaching and challenging our students both inside and outside the classroom. 


Contact Us: 

 Office: 541-552-6341

Fax: 541-552-7127     

  Science Building, Room 157 (Campus Map)

Sherry Ettlich,  STEM Director
Andrew Clum, Student Success Coordinator
Crystal Nichols, Office Specialist
Susan Bird, Division Assistant          
STEM Programs
Chemistry    Web | Advising | 541-552-8172
Biology   Web | Advising | 541-552-6798
Computer Science   Web | Advising | 541-552-6341
Mathematics   Web | Advising | 541-552-8213
Environmental Education (MS)   Web | Advising | 541-552-6797