Southern Oregon University offers a number of programs, which are designed to be ideal for professional schools both in and out of Oregon. These programs are meant to serve the student by providing necessary prerequisite coursework for their desired professional or vocational goals, but offer the flexibility to change some coursework to suit preferred professional or vocational schools. In some cases, it is advisable for a student to complete a full baccalaureate degree prior to transferring to a professional school, such as in medicine, pharmaceutical, dentistry and veterinary medicine programs. However, some programs will not require a completed baccalaureate prior to transferring to a professional or vocational program in fields such as dental hygiene or nursing. 

Though pre-professional programs represent a core set of recommended coursework, they are not academic majors themselves. These programs are meant be completed in addition to standard degree programs, or simply as a standalone for programs like dental hygiene and nursing. Some programs, such as Biology and Chemistry naturally incorporate many of these courses into the major program requirements, and serve as a common path for students, but are not the only paths. Professional schools generally accept a wide array of academic majors, but keep common prerequisite standards to allow students to major in area(s) of their choice (such as a Psychology/Pre-Medicine student). Students may complete courses for pre-professional programs in partnership with any degree program offered at SOU, and if a student intends on pursuing a degree program outside of the STEM Divison (Biology/Chemistry/Math/Computer Science), they should work with the major advisor in their respective department(s) in addition to the STEM Division Student Success Coordinator. 

Pre-Professional Programs offered by SOU

Chiropractic Medicine (Pre-Chiropractic Medicine advising guide)

Dental Hygiene 

Medical Technology 

Medicine and Dentistry (Pre-Medicine advising guide) (Pre-Dentistry advising guide)

Nursing (Operated in conjunction with OHSU) (Pre-Nursing advising guide)

Occupational Therapy 


Pharmacy (Pre-Pharmacy advising guide)

Physical Therapy (Operated by the Division of Education, Health & Leadership)

Physician Assistant 

Veterinary Medicine (advising guide)