Sherry Ettlich photo

Sherry Ettlich
SC-159,  552-6576

Ph. D. 1985 Mathematics, University of Oregon
M. S. 1981 Mathematics, University of Oregon
B.A. 1980 Mathematics, Westmont College


Curtis Feist
Central 233, 552-6577
Ph. D. 1998 Mathematics, University of California at Davis
M.S. 1992 Mathematics, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
B.S. 1989 Mathematics, California Polytechnic State Universtiy, San Luis Obispo

Curtis Feist photo
Daniel Kim photo


Daniel Kim
CE 236, 552-6580
Ph. D. 1995 Mathematics, University of Oregon
M.S. 1990 Mathematics, Indiana University
B.S. 1984 Mathematics, Sogang University

Dusty Sabo
CE 239, 552-6145
Ph. D. 1996 Mathematics, University of Idaho
M.S. 1991 Mathematics, University of Idaho
B.S. 1983 Electrical Engineering, Northern Arizona University 


photo of Dusty Sabo
Kemble Yates photo

 Kemble Yates
Central 234, 552-6578
Ph. D. 1987 Mathematics, Washington State University
M.S. 1984 Mathematics, Washington State University
B.S. 1982 Mathematics/Economics, University of Puget Sound



Associate Professors:

 Lisa Ciasullo photo

Lisa Ciasullo
CE 237, 552-6581
Ph. D. 1989 Mathematics, Washington State University
M.S. 1986 Mathematics, Washington State University
B.S. 1984 Mathematics, Gonzaga University

 Francie Bostwick photo

Francie Bostwick 
CE 229, 552-6584
Masters of Education 1994, Grand Canyon University
B.S. 1990, Double Major in Mathematics and Psychology, University of Arizona


Jim Hatton  
CE 228, 552-8213

M.S. 1968 Operations Research, Standford University 
B.A. 1967 Mathematics-Chemistry, Rice University

picture of Jim Hatton
larry Shrewsbury photo

Larry Shrewsbury
CE 235, 552-6583
M.S. 1991 General Studies: Science/Math, Southern Oregon University
B.S. 1989 General Studies: Science/Math, Southern Oregon University

Brian Stonelake
CE  232, 552-6579

M.S. 2011 Mathematics, University of Oregon
M.A. 2002 Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara
B.A. 2001 Business Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara

Brian Stonelake

Affiliated Faculty Member:

 John Anton

John Anton
Rogue River Research, President and CEO
B.S. Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
Fulbright Fellowship Applied Mathematics, Karlsruhe, Germany
Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Department Secretary

Mary Ann Wright photo

Mary Ann Wright
CE 226, 552-6141

M.S. 2003 CIS/Business, Southern Oregon University
B.S. 1973 Business Education, New Mexico State University

Emeritus Faculty:

Arthur Clemons Ph. D. 1969 Mathematics, University of Oregon
M.S. 1966 Mathematics, University of Oregon
B.A. 1959 Mathematics/Philosophy, Reed College

Arthur Clemons photo
John Engelhardt photo

John Engelhardt
Ph. D. 1980 Mathematics Education, University of Missouri
M.A. 1977 Mathematics, University of Missouri
B.A. 1971 Mathematics, Saint Louis University

Irving Lubliner
M. A. T. 1988 Mathematics, University of California, Davis
B.S. 1974, Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley

Irving Lubliner photo
Richard Montgomery photo

Richard Montgomery
Technology and Society Studies 1993 Cornell University
School of Oceanography 1979 Oregon State University
Ph. D. 1969 Mathematics, Clark University
M.A.T. 1965 Mathematics, Brown University
Teaching Certificate 1961 University of Washington
B.A. Mathematics, San Francisco State University
Liberal Arts 1959 University of Chicago

Reider Peterson

Reider Peterson photo
Ron Steffani photo

Ron Steffani

John Whitesitt
Ed. D. 1981 Mathematics Education, Montana State University
M.S. 1979 Mathematics, Montana State University
M.S. 1970 Applied Science/Biology, Montana State University
B.S. 1969 Mathematics/Biology, Montana State University

John Whitesitt photo
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