All course work does not have to be completed prior to applying for admission to the program, but must be completed before beginning the program. Include a plan explaining how you will complete any unmet prerequisites with your application for the program. Consult the Mathematics Department Chair if you have any questions regarding these courses, equivalent courses, or waiver exams
Students should also consult the Education Department regarding other admission requirements for the MAT teacher education program. Admission is competitive; you should begin preparing now.  Experience working with children in the public schools is required prior to application to the MAT program.  A second language or other multicultural experience is preferred.

For those planning to specialize in subject areas other than mathematics-

Authorization/ Endorsement Level     Mathematics Requirements
These SOU courses or approved equivalents
Early Childhood/Elementary Dual Authorization orElementary/Middle School Dual Authorization                       Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I, II, and III 
(Mth 211, 212, and 213)

For Elementary School Mathematics Specialists, Middle School Mathematics Teachers, or
High School Mathematics Teachers-

Authorization/ Endorsement Level Mathematics Requirements
These SOU courses or approved equivalents
Elementary/Middle School Dual Authorization
          with Basic  Mathematics Endorsement 
Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I, II, and III (Mth 211, 212, and 213)
Plus five topics in Middle and High School Mathematics (Mth 481)
Middle School/High School Dual Authorization with Advanced Mathematics Endorsement Introduction to Real Analysis (Mth 331)
Introduction to Algebraic Systems (Mth 341)
Differential Equations or Probability (Mth 321 or Mth 361)
Geometry (Mth 411)
Any two Mth 481 topics
Advanced Topic in Analysis or Abstract Algebra
(Mth 431 or Mth 441)