Department of Mathematics

Central 235

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, OR  97520

(541) 552-6583






M.S. 1991 General Studies: Science/Math, Southern Oregon University
B.S. 1989 General Studies: Science/Math, Southern Oregon University


I usually only teach several sections of Math 243 (Elementary Statistics), but I have taught Math 244 (Applied Inferential Statistics), Math 111 and Math 112.

Mathematical Interests/Specialties:

Making Statistics "accessible", even to students who feel they will never understand it.
Applying Statistical methods to solve interesting problems.

Professional Associations:

Mathematical Association of America

Personal Interests:

Family (My wife Laura, daughter Lia, and son Logan).
Organic gardening (Growing my own salads and vegetables is a great way to get fresh air and take a break from all the paper work).
Listening to music (Note that I said "listening", NOT "playing". I have NO musical talent -- don't let the long hair fool you).
Ever since I took a computer graphics programming class (back in the late '80s) I've been fascinated with the vast improvements in computer games. I do enjoy playing some of them, but I'm mostly ogling over the graphics.
Even though this may sound like work, I actually enjoy using my computers (both Windows and Macintosh) to create things (lecture notes with movies, screen shots, comics, interactive quizzes, etc.).