Level Test Codes:

ML -- indicates level is based on placement test.
Placement test cutoffs are set to assure students a 65% likelihood of earning a C- or better in the course where they are placed.

MTL -- indicates level is based on course work transferred to SOU.
Students with recent transfer course work will often be able to use those courses for placement rather than taking the placement test.

MOL -- indicated level was overridden and reset by mathematics faculty member.
In rare instances, a mathematics faculty member may override a student's placement.

Level Test Scores

The "Score" column indicates the maximum placement. Actual course numbers are used for placement into Math 065, 095, 111, 112, 251, 252, and 253. Use the Score of 100 for placement into entry-level courses (Mth 158, 211, 243, or EC 232). Students may take a course with a lower level than where they are placed.

Source Code Score Criteria Expiration Advising Sheet color
      Mth 60 -- no level code NA Orange
ML 065 EA ≥ 30

After 2

ML 095 EA ≥ 40 Yellow
ML 100 EA ≥ 50 Green
ML 111 EA ≥ 75 or CLM ≥ 30 Cherry
ML 112 (EA ≥ 95 and CLM ≥ 30) or CLM ≥ 42 Pink
ML 251 CLM ≥ 60 Purple
MTL 065 Passed equivalent of Mth 060 with C- or better Never Blue
MTL 095 Passed equivalent of Mth 065 with C- or better
MTL 100 Never took Mth 095, but passed a mathematics course (with a C- or better) that had a Mth 095 prerequisite
MTL 111 Passed equivalent of Mth 095 with C- or better
MTL 112 Passed equivalent of Mth 111 with C- or better
MTL 251 Passed equivalent of Mth 112 with C- or better
MTL 252 Passed equivalent of Mth 251 with C- or better
MTL 253 Passed equivalent of Mth 252 with C- or better
MOL 065 May register for Mth 065 Never None
MOL 095 May register for Mth 095
MOL 100 May register for Mth 158/211/243 or EC 232
MOL 111 May register for Mth 111
MOL 112 May register for Mth 112
MOL 251 May register for Mth 251