What do I need to do to declare psychology as my major?

The be eligible for majoring in Psychology, you must have completed, with a C or better, the following pre-requisites:

MTH 243
BI 101 (or equivilant)
PSY 201 and 202
PSY 225

You can then register for PSY 211 The Psychology Major, and have your major declared and be assigned a faculty advisor.

Where can I find the program plan so I can figure out what classes I need to take for the major?

The program plan can be found online - Program Plan (Update coming soon)

How do I get a minor in psychology?

See Psychology Minor.

Do I need an advisor for a minor in psychology?


Where do I find office hours for an instructor?

Office hours are posted next to the instructor's office door as well as on the syllabus for their class.

How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

Phone or email your advisor to schedule an appointment.

Where do I go to leave something for my instructor or other staff member?

Please leave notes, papers, etc you would like to leave for an instructor or other staff member with the office coordinator in room EP 246 - if she isn't in, leave it in the basket mounted to the right of her door. Be sure that the name of the person you want to receive the item legible.

Where do I find information regarding the Psychology Capstone?

Psychology Capstone FAQ