Equipment, also known as a fixed asset, is defined as tangible property that is owned, leased, controlled, or possessed and not consumed in the normal course of business and has a unit value of $5,000 or more: for example, computers, vehicles, furniture, scientific equipment, and classroom equipment.

  1. Departments purchasing goods that are considered fixed assets are required to complete a purchase order in BannerTM Finance for the purchase. Commodity level accounting must be used; direct pay invoices cannot  be used. In the purchase order text, information regarding competitive bids should be entered (vendor name, price quote for at least 2 other vendors).
  2. When invoicing the purchase order, the following information should be entered in the invoice text field for each item (using the regular pay invoice form):
    - Item Description
    - Model
    - Serial number
    - Manufacturer
    - Department/Office
    - Building and room location of equipment
    - Instructional or administrative use
  3. Final approval of invoices for fixed asset purchases will be granted after the invoice is routed to inventory control to ensure all the information is present.


Leases, rentals, or purchases of photocopiers can be accomplished through a formal solicitation handled by the Purchasing Office or from certain prenegotiated contracts. Departments should consult the Purchasing Office early in the process to ensure the best value is obtained.

In addition, the Information Technology Department (IT) has restrictions regarding the support of copiers that will be connected to the network. Please contact IT website for Wireless Services Policies and Forms or for additional information.    

Cell Phones

See: Please refer to Wireless Services Policies and Forms on the Information Technology web site to learn about authorization and related details.


  1. For IBM-Compatible Computers: Most departments are responsible for funding the purchase of their computers. State contracts are in place for both desktop and laptop computers. Contact Information Technology Department (IT) for current price information and for Wireless Services Policies and Forms
  2. For Apple/Mac Products: The university has a contract with Apple that offers educational pricing on current products. The contract is optional and may not be the lowest price available. Contact Apple at (800) 998-APPL ext. 3 for a price quote under the "CPP Basic Pricing." 

Office Supplies

  1. Office supplies may be purchased from any vendor. A state contract with Office Max exists which offers competitive prices. When ordering from Office Max, departments have the choice of direct billing or credit card online purchasing.  Please contact the Purchasing Office for current Office Max representative information to set up a department account.