Fiscal Procedures for Campus Distribution


Purpose:  Provides the procedures for operational processes required to implement policy.

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100 Accounting 
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Proposed for Discussion

Number Procedure Descriptoin
100.000 Introduciton to Financial Services  (FIS)
100.001        Accounting & SOU Financial Reporting
100.010        Account Coding and Definitions
100.050        Banner Finanical System
100.075           Banner (Cognos) Financial Reports & Analysis
100.100 General Operations & Records Management
100.150 Ethics & Decision-Making
100.200 Transactions & FIS Banner Internal Controls
100.225        Purchases & Personal Reimbursement
100.250        Travel 
100.275        Lease Agreements
100.300 Auxiliaries Enterprises & Other Activities
100.375 Budgeting
100.400 Fixed Asset Administration 
100.500 Grants and Compliance
100.550 Procurement and Contracting (Electronic Commerce)
100.600 FIS Allocations, Assessments & Gifts
100.650 FIS Accounting Reconciliations
100.675 FIS Accounting & Internal Maintenance
100.700 Fringe Benefits
100.900 Tax Filings & Licensing

200 Bursar and Student Accounts
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300 Payroll Services
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