The following FAQs address general questions. Instructors should consult the Instructor FAQs within the Teaching at OLLI section. Click on a question to "open up" the answer.

Where is OLLI located?

Please visit the Contact Us page for more information.

How do I contact OLLI?

The office phone number is 541-552-6048, and the email address is See also: Contact Us page.

What are the office hours?

For OLLI's office hours, please visit the Office Support page.

Can members take courses in both Ashland and Medford?

Yes. OLLI members may register for courses in either location.

What does OLLI cost to become an OLLI member?

OLLI Annual Member Dues are $125 per person for the entire academic year (three quarters), September to June. Dues cover as many courses as can be scheduled, depending on space available. The fee is not pro-rated for members joining OLLI mid-year.

Is financial aid available?

Prospective OLLI members who are interested in joining or renewing their membership, but cannot afford to pay the full $125, can apply for a scholarship in exchange for performing some volunteer work for OLLI. Please visit the Scholarship Fund page for more information.

Who can join OLLI?

The OLLI program is geared to older adults with a flexible daytime schedule; however, consistent with SOU Nondiscrimination Policy, neither age, race, national origin, religion, sex, handicap or marital status are considerations with regard to OLLI membership. the only requirement is that you are a legal adult, i.e. at least 18 years old.

How to become an OLLI member

There are two ways to sign up as an OLLI member and pay the member fee: using the online registration system or completing a manual form. Click here for details on using the online registration system or completing a manual forms .

How to request classes

There are two ways to sign up for OLLI courses, manually and online. Click here for details on how to sign up for OLLI courses.

How to get preferred classes

Members have a period of time to submit course requests after the course catalog becomes available and before the published deadline for the computerized class assignment occurs. During this interval, the timing of when members submit course requests does not affect a member’s chances of being admitted to a course. All requests are processed at the same time on the day after the deadline. While there are many courses to choose from, demand for some courses exceeds the available space. Click here for details on Getting the Courses You Want. [PDF]

How to find out about cancelled or rescheduled courses, or to RSVP for a special event

If you receive news and announcements from OLLI via email, you will automatically receive an email notification anytime an OLLI instructor of a course you are enrolled in informs the office that his or her class has been cancelled or rescheduled. OLLI members also automatically receive an email invitation to any event that requires an RSVP. Please check your email for these kinds of announcements or to RSVP for a special event. Links to RSVP for special events are also posted on OLLI's homepage in the "OLLI Updates" box.

If you do not have access to email, please contact the office for assistance.

How to teach a course

Please visit the Teaching at OLLI section of the website for more information.

Does OLLI offer a summer program?

No, OLLI does not offer a summer program.

How is OLLI governed?

OLLI is a member-run organization led by a Council, with functional areas headed by Committee Chairs. Click here for more details about OLLI leadership

Does OLLI hold all-member meetings?

Yes, OLLI hold an annual meeting prior to the end of each OLLI at SOU academic year. The purpose of this meeting is for Council to update members on current business and for members to bring matters to the Council. It is also an opportunity for members to convene. In addition, the Council may call special membership meetings as necessary. 

How can members offer comments and suggestions?

Feedback about the OLLI at SOU program can be provided by contacting the OLLI office, attending a Council meeting (the OLLI calendar lists meeting dates), or by providing input via the Online Suggestion Box.

Why should I consider donating to the OLLI Legacy Fund?

Many OLLI members have asked, since we currently have a $2 million endowment from the Osher Foundation, why should I consider donating to the OLLI Legacy Fund?

Well, here is the story:

Osher endowment distributions cover about half of our annual expenses. Member dues and donations to the Annual Fund make up the other half.

In order to protect our long term sustainability, fund any special projects/improvements, and any increases to staffing we would need to raise member dues, charge a per course fee, increase giving to the Annual Fund, and/or raise enough money in the Legacy Fund to increase interest earnings.

The Legacy Fund is critical to keeping OLLI’s membership fees low and the program rich and full in serving all our members.