An OLLI Shared Interest Group (SIG) is a group of OLLI members who share a common interest and meet outside the normal OLLI class environment to discuss and enjoy this mutual interest. Each group is different depending on its focus, and all provide interesting lifelong learning opportunities as well as a fun social experience.

OLLI SIGs are independent and self-managed with the SIG members deciding when, where, and how often they will meet. Initially, one or more members volunteer to be facilitator(s). The facilitator is responsible for administrative and communication details.

If you have group of members that want to start a new SIG, contact the SIG Coordinator, Barb Barasa, by email at or phone 541-552-9349.

Currently Active Shared Interest Groups:

Anthropology, Evolution, Animal Domestication [PDF]

Come Work on Your Watercolor Goals  [PDF]

Common Good  [PDF]

Day Hiking

Eleusis Logic Game  [PDF]

Knitting for Fun  [PDF]

Science Fiction Movies

Sharing Dreams   [PDF] 

The 3 Principles of Sydney Banks  [PDF]

Upcycle Beaders [PDF]

Urban Sketching  [PDF]  

Proposed Shared Interest Groups:

For more information about the topic listed below please contact the member listed with the proposal.

Current Events Discussion. Contact: Peggy Wines, 541-482-0676

Ethnic Cleansing in the 20th Century   [PDF] Contact: Emmett Ramey,, 541-855-1360

Spanish Civil War. Contact: George Rice, 541-535-7272


If you want to propose a new group but don’t have members, contact the SIG Coordinator, Barb Barasa, by email at or phone 541-552-9349. Your SIG topic will be listed above.