Members who serve in a leadership role on the OLLI at SOU's Council or as a Committee Chair enjoy a particularly rich experience. This deeper kind of member participation provides opportunities to apply expertise developed over a lifetime, apply it in new ways, and form closer connections with fellow OLLI members.

OLLI Council: The Council determines OLLI policies and oversees implementation of its programs and activities, consistent with the policies of SOU and the OLLI at SOU Bylaws. The terms of Council members are staggered in order to have continuity of leadership within the organization. In other words, three Council members are selected each year by the OLLI Council and confirmed by vote of OLLI members to serve for a period of three years. The officers of OLLI are the same as the officers of the Council, and consist of a President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Feel free to contact council members by email:  Please include their name in the subject line. 

Click here for photographs of OLLI's Council members

OLLI Committees: OLLI has nine standing committees that perform a variety of critical operational functions. These committees include: Communications and Community Outreach, Curriculum, Finance, Funds Policy & Management, Facilities, Landscape, Member Services, Nominating, and Personnel. Please contact the office for more information or to volunteer to serve on a committee.

OLLI Staff Members: The staff consists of a full-time assistant director, a part-time volunteer coordinator, and two part-time office assistants. SOU student-workers provide assistance with office work and I.T. support. SOU's director of Outreach & Engagement supervises the program manager and is an ex officio member of the OLLI Council.