OLLI strives for continuous improvement in the quality of courses. There might be room for improvement even in the best, most popular OLLI courses. OLLI’s Curriculum Committee has prepared a Course Feedback Form that may be used to get anonymous feedback, either during the course to help instructors make modifications affecting the remaining sessions, or as the course draws to an end, to determine whether modifications might improve the course if it is offered again.

Feedback from students can help instructors learn (1) whether students feel the content aligns with the course's catalog description, (2) what seems to be working well and what, if anything, might be improved, (3) how students are reacting to the pace at which material has been presented, (4) specific things students would like to learn within the current course or, perhaps, in a follow-up course, and (5) how students feel about their learning experiences. In addition, asking students to complete the form demonstrates that the instructor values students' input. Feedback received from students will be seen only by the instructor unless he/she decides to share it with someone else.

Feel free to modify the form as appropriate to receive the most useful feedback, e.g., add an item not included or delete an item that is not relevant.

For a Microsoft Word version of the Course Feedback Form, click here.

For a PDF version of the Course Feedback Form, click here.