Conversation Connections (ConCons)

A Conversation Connection is a one-time social get-together for a small group of members interested in conversing about a specific topic. An OLLI member facilitates each ConCon. The facilitator indicates the date, time, and venue, and provides the meeting introduction. Special expertise on the topic is not necessarily expected from the facilitator or participants. Rather than ‘speeches,’ the group engages with their own ideas, knowledge, experiences, and curiosity. No preaching, teaching or selling, just sharing. Click here for details about Conversation Connections

Guided Explorations

An OLLI member facilitates a gathering with an expert who serves as a guide in exploring a subject and/or activity. The guide may or may not be an OLLI member. The aim is for the group to learn from a presentation or demonstration, followed by ample time to discuss the topic, practice a skill, construct a product, and/or have an experiential adventure (such as an activity in the natural world). Click here for details about Guided Explorations

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)

A SIG is a group of OLLI members who form around a common interest in an activity or topic, getting together as often and for as long as desired to engage with that area of interest. It is facilitated by one or more of the members. A SIG may be an off-shoot of an OLLI class by students eager to continue pursuing the topic, or an initiative by a member with an idea for an on-going group endeavor. Click here for details about Shared Interest Groups

Social Community

Social Community events encompass a wide variety of small group activities where members interact and engage each other outside of OLLI courses or other OLLI groups. Examples are pickleball games, lunches and card games, or attending a film. Click here for details about Social Community events

Community Lectures

When classes are in session, OLLI's Communications and Community Outreach committee provides a series of community lectures on a variety of topics.  Community Lectures are free and open to the public. An OLLI membership is not required. Click here for details about Community Lectures