Community Lectures

When classes are in session, OLLI's Communications and Community Outreach committee provides a series of community lectures on a variety of topics.  Community Lectures are free and open to the public. An OLLI membership is not required. Click here for details about Community Lectures 

Shared Interest Groups

A Shared Interest Group is a group of OLLI members who want to meet and share a common interest. Each group is different depending on its focus, but all provide opportunities for an enriching experience. They are independent and self-directed, with members deciding where and when they will meet and how the group will function. Click here for details about Shared Interest Groups

Conversation Connections

Conversation Connections are one-time meetings on a specific topic of discussion. No preparation or teacher is required, just someone to facilitate the conversation so everyone has a chance to talk. RSVPs are necessary, honored on a first-response basis. Participants must be OLLI members, although volunteer facilitators are not required to be. Click here for details about Conversation Connections