Program Overview

Some OLLI classes also qualify as SOU one credit courses. Members who are 65 years of age or older and have resided in Oregon for at least one year may enroll in one or more of these courses and thus become both an OLLI student and an SOU student. There is no additional fee for eligible seniors to enroll in these courses.

Registering for One Credit Courses

To register as a senior student in a one credit course, you must fill out an online "one credit form" and submit it to the OLLI office by the deadline that is set each term. 

The Fall term submission period has concluded. Please check back in January for the Spring term form.

Program Q & A

How are OLLI courses selected for the one credit program?

All OLLI instructors teaching a course with content and instruction that is appropriate for a college-level course, and that also is sheduled to meet for al least ten hours total, were invited by the OLLI office to submit a syllabus and c.v. for review by the relevant SOU academic department to determine whether the course qualified for the one credit program.

Who benefits?

Those who participate in the one credit program at OLLI become SOU students for the term. This allows you to check out materials from the campus library using your driver's license or an SOU student ID card. SOU benefits by claiming these students as part of the university‚Äôs overall headcount for funding purposes.

After I turn in the one credit form, how will I know when I am officially an SOU student for the term?

You will receive a notification email when the OLLI staff is done processing your online form.

How to get an SOU student ID card (optional)

OLLI members who are registered in the one credit program may obtain an SOU student ID by emailing Raider Services to schedule an appointment. The email address is: