Program Overview

Near the beginning of each academic term, OLLI at SOU members who are a registered student in at least one OLLI at SOU course, and age 65 or older, and have resided in Oregon for at least one year, are encouraged to fill out an SOU one credit registration form. (The age and residency qualifications are required by the State of Oregon.) The simple, online form takes most students just a couple of minutes to fill out. After OLLI office staff process the form and enter the data into SOU's student database, the qualified student becomes "dual enrolled" for the duration of the current term as both an OLLI student and an auditing SOU student. There are no additional fees and no transcript credit is awarded.

A benefit of the auditing program is both the instructor and the qualified student have access to the SOU Hannon Library for the duration of the academic term. The Hannon is widely regarded as one of the best college libraries in Oregon. Once the academic term begins, no special I.D. or library card is required for qualified students to check out materials; a driver's license or state-issued photo I.D. card will suffice. (Click here to learn more about becoming a Friend of the Hannon Library and enjoy year-round access for only $35 a year.)

Registering for One Credit Courses

To register as an auditing student in a one credit course, you must fill out an online "one credit form" and submit it to the OLLI office by the deadline that is set each term. A link to the one credit form will appear below during the time that forms are accepted.