a collage of volunteers engaged in various activities

Who volunteers at OLLI?


OLLI at SOU’s vibrant volunteer culture springs from a sense of belonging and shared commitment, expressed in members’ involvement in every aspect of OLLI operations and programming. Whether you're telling your friends about OLLI, teaching a class, coordinating an event, raising funds, working in the office, serving on the Council, or any one of a hundred other activities suitable for every interest, ability or availability, members make our OLLI at SOU outstanding.

Why volunteer at OLLI?

For the connections: Volunteering at OLLI links you up with people who share your interests, your goals, your passions. Try something new and see where it leads you.

For the fun: OLLI takes a “people first” approach to connecting volunteers to opportunities. Do what you love; love what you do.

For the satisfaction: OLLI thrives when everyone gets involved. When you pitch in, you get more than you give.

What do volunteers do at OLLI?


Hundreds of volunteers work with OLLI's staff members to keep OLLI lively. Want to help out every once in awhile, when you have an hour or two available? Become an event volunteer. Passionate about a topic or hobby? Share your knowledge and experience with other OLLI members by teaching a course! Looking for a way to connect with members on an ongoing basis, using your talent and expertise on anything from OLLI finances to curriculum development to strategic planning? OLLI has committees and activities that match any area of interest.

How can I get connected at OLLI?

Learning more about you—your skills and interests—will help us connect you with activities and members who share your interests. Connect with OLLI by emailing your Volunteer Coordinator, Taliah Mortensen, at mortenst1@sou.edu or calling 541-552-8108, or follow OLLI at SOU on Facebook.