Email for information on disability-related Scholarships, Internships, and Research Opportunities. 

Keeping up with the ever-changing field of scholarships and other opportunities is quite a challenge. To help you, Disability Resource will be offering a mailing list of the current opportunities as they come to us. Here's what to expect:

  • List goes out approximately once a week - less if we don't have new information to share
  • We do not share our mailing list with anyone
  • You do not need to be a current SOU student to receive the list
  • All opportunities are related to disability in some way
  • All opportunities are phrased exactly as written by the offering organization
  • For more information, contact the offering organization
  • Scholarship opportunities are generally specific to either the presence of a disability or a specific disability type
  • Internship opportunities are offered by employers seeking to widen the diversity of their employees, especially in the area of disability
  • Research opportunities are generally requests for surveys or interviews with persons with disabilities, usually for specific academic purposes (dissertations especially)
  • Some opportunities may be specific to current or admitted SOU students