Disability Resources uses an online system (AIMS) to better serve students. This page will help you understand how to use AIMS. Use AIMS to:

  • request and track support services
  • AIMS is a screenreader-friendly web application and easy to use

Using AIMS to Access your Accommodations

Scheduling Exams in AIMS


Video Tutorials

All tutorials are fully captioned. These can also be accessed within AIMS.

Logging in to AIMS

Requesting Accommodations

Modifying or Canceling Accommodations

Please note that the website contact listed in this video has been updated to www.sou.edu/dr.

Setting up Testing Accommodations

Please schedule your exams even if it says that there is not a testing contract in place.
Your instructor will then be sent another email asking for them to enter a testing contract.
If no contract is entered within 24 hours, a default contract will be entered (which can be modified later).

Schedule midterms and finals a week in advance by 5:00 pm.
(if your exam is on a Monday, schedule by the previous Monday before 5:00 pm)
Schedule quizzes at least 3 days in advance. For late scheduling, contact the front desk. (541-552-6213, opt.2)