Frequently Asked Questions About Testing Accommodations

Who is eligible?

Students with documented disabilities that require accommodation of:

  • a reduced-distraction or distraction-free room
  • extended time
  • the use of adaptive technology

Students must present an accommodation letter from Disability Resources to their instructors and follow the instructions listed on the form in order to receive testing accommodations.

How does a student sign up for accommodated testing?

Students are responsible for:

  • Requesting their accommodations through our online system (AIMS)each term.
  • scheduling tests in advance
    (Quizzes need 3 full business days' notice and midterms and finals need 5 full business days' notice)

Accommodations are made for students rescheduling a test due to disability-related absence on the day of a test.

Students must discuss this with a DR staff member as soon as possible. 

Are tests given at the same time & date as the class exam?

We try to schedule exams for the same date and time as the class exam. However, we may need to schedule at an alternate time in the following circumstances:

  • If an exam is scheduled to use only a portion of a regularly scheduled class time, to be followed by lecture or other classroom activity, rescheduling allows for an extra time accommodation without impinging on other class activities.
  • If an extra time accommodation would infringe on the students' other classes or work schedule.
  • In the case of finals, exams may be rescheduled to avoid a student having multiple exams on a single day. (In this instance, the first arranged final will have scheduling priority.)
  • There are over 300 students eligible for accommodated exams in the Accommodated Testing Center. We may need to reschedule exams based on space and time constraints in our office.

What about pop quizzes?

When faculty members wish to use pop quizzes as an essential component of a course, they should contact Disability Resources as soon as possible after receiving a student's letter of accommodation. Faculty should provide DR with as much information as possible about the dates of the pop quizzes. This information will not be released to the student.

On the day of a pop quiz, faculty may hand the student their quiz in a sealed envelope to bring to the Accommodated Testing Center. Students will receive their other test accommodations (extra time, adaptive technology, etc.) as usual.

Why might an exam be refused?

  • When requests are not submitted through AIMS within notification deadlines and good faith efforts to accommodate are not sufficient in the notice given.
  • Tests which by their designated purpose are not suitable for an alternative site (such as lab tests or group work). For these types of exams, the instructor and student should arrange together in advance for a time for testing in the necessary environment which can accommodate the need for additional time and the elimination of outside distractions, and for required aids.
  • When the student is not a registered student with Disability Resources. Disability Resources does not have space or staffing to proctor make-up exams, distance education exams, etc.

How long are testing records kept?

After testing is completed, the testing records are kept on file by DR according to the OUS records retention schedule and are available for review by instructors at any time.



Other Questions?

Contact our Testing Coordinator , or call 541-552-6812
ADA Regulations regarding testing