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Whether you're a prospective student or you've been at SOU for awhile, whether you've been on an IEP since second grade or you've just been diagnosed, whether you have a temporary disability or a permanent one, Disability Resources (DR) can assist you with classroom accommodations. If you are sending documentation to SOU for disability accommodation purposes, DR is the place to send it.

Getting Started & Documentation Guidelines

Parent Information

How to Apply and/or Schedule a Visit

Want to know more about how to become a student at Southern Oregon University?

Scholarships, Internships, & Financial Aid

Everyone needs information on money!

Preparing for College

Wondering about transitioning to university life when you have a disability?

Academic Support & Coaching (U-CAM)

Need a comprehensive program to support you, especially with difficulties in planning, organization, and follow-through?

  • Check out the U-CAM program, designed specifically for students with executive function difficulties!
  • Comprehensive program more than you need, but you do have a goal in mind you'd like some coaching around? U-CAM can do that too!

Tutoring & Other Support

Looking for more supports, such as tutoring or a college success class? Success at Southern may be able to help you.

Assistive Technology

  • Research the many and varied types of technology we provide to assist students with disabilities.

Oregon Colleges with Disabilities Programs


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