Checklist for Students New to Disability Resources

Start off by providing us with some background information about you, using our online student application. You'll then receive a confirmation email that provides you with the next steps to get going!

Attend Your DR Initial Appointment

If possible, plan to provide appropriate documentation of your disability during this appointment. If you do not yet have documentation, expect to receive referral information for testing or other clinician resources. Plan to discuss your eligibility for services, and learn how to request services each term.

Checklist for Returning Students, each term

Plan Your Schedule and Register for Classes

Make use of Priority Registration if you are eligible. 

If you need advising assistance, call Academic Support Programs at 541-552-6213 to schedule a general education advising appointment.

For advising within your major (or minor), contact your major (or minor) advisor.

1. Log into AIMS to request accommodations

As soon as you register for classes, log in to AIMS to enter your CRN numbers and request your accommodations. This process both sends accommodation letters to your instructors and requests specific services, like notetaking.

An AIMS accommodation letter must be delivered to your instructor in order to receive accommodations for that class. Accommodations are only effective once the letter has been delivered; they cannot be arranged retroactively.

2. Meet with your instructors

Meet with your instructors during their office hours early in the term, preferably in the first week of classes.

Remind them of your Letter and discuss with them how you can work together to ensure that you receive the appropriate accommodations.

This is also an excellent time to discuss testing accommodations, if you are eligible and using them, and fill out the Testing Contract with your instructor.

3. Schedule all of your exams for the term.

As soon as you receive your class syllabus, enter all of your exams into AIMS (see Using AIMS to Schedule Exams), including quizzes, midterms, and finals. 

If you do not enter your exams in time (3 full business days prior for quizzes / 7 full business days prior for midterms & finals), AIMS will not allow you to schedule your exams. We can only guarantee accommodations with this notice; please contact us to see if it is possible to schedule with less notice.

Need Help? Contact Disability Resources

Contact Disability Resources if you need assistance in obtaining appropriate accommodations, or if you would like to discuss changes to your accommodations.

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