Paper Time Entry 2/1/2019

Effective Time Entry 2/1/2018...

Web Time Entry*
The University uses an electronic time-entry sytem called Banner Web Time Entry (WTE).  This is the time-entry method used by Hourly workers including Student workers, Temporary Hourly staff, Unclassified Hourly, and Faculty Hourly staff.  This is also the leave-taken entry method used by Monthly Administrative staff beginning on 2/1/2018.

The use of Banner WTE moves staff away from paper timesheets and into electronic time entry for most all SOU pay type categories.   The benefit to you is the convenience of entering your time (or leave used) from any device and allows for a seamless interface into the SOU Payroll system.   *Unless approved by Payroll Manager as an exception, paper timesheets are not to be used in lieu of WTE for these groups.  The back up timesheet pdf version is provided here for your personal use or as a back up.

Back up paper Timesheets:

Back up Forms:


[WTE]= Banner Pay module named "Web Time Entry" [WTE] is SOU method of (electronic) time entry.