At Southern Oregon University, we are proud of the consistently high ratings we receive from students and community partners for the quality and outcomes of our program. We believe that one reason for this positive assessment is our value of never resting on our laurels. Rather, we are always looking for ways to improve. The CMHC program faculty members conduct ongoing systematic program evaluation to drive this continuous improvement.

New and graduating students participate in surveys to assess their perceptions of the program. Current internship site supervisors are also asked to complete a survey about program effectiveness in preparing students to begin internship. Alumni are queried one year after graduation and employers are asked for input as well. Each year, faculty members review characteristics of program applicants as well as results of the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) that all graduating students complete. Our student cohorts have consistently scored significantly above the national averages on this examination.

We have also identified specific Knowledge Performance Outcomes (KPIs) and related measures to assess student knowledge, skills, and competencies across all domains of counselor identity and performance. These are detailed in the CMHC Assessment Plan. Students receive specific feedback on their achievement of these skills and knowledge sets.

The CMHC Assessment Plan is provided below, as well as the most recent reports (PDF format):

Assessment Plan

Annual Assessment Report

Applicant Characteristics

Current Student Survey Results (PDF)

Alumni Survey Results

Survey of Site Supervisors Results

Survey of Employers Results

Comparison of SOU Students to National Norms in Comprehensive Exit Examinations

CPCE Results by year.

CACREP Vital Statistics Survey Results 2023