The Accommodation Letter serves several purposes:

  • Verifies to an instructor that the student is a registered student with a disability.
  • Serves as a request for specific accommodations needed for equal access to a class; such as special seating or testing accommodations, or interpreter services.
  • Informs the instructor of other accommodations the student may be using while completing classwork, such as recording lectures or using notetaker or alternate format text services.
  • Opens an opportunity for student and instructor to discuss ways to succeed in the class.

In order to receive any accommodations for classes, students must request an accommodations letter to be sent to each of their instructors through AIMS at the beginning of each term.

Information for Students

Information for Faculty

The Accommodation Letter includes some information about Disability Resources and accommodations in general, then lists the accommodations for which this student is eligible and has requested to use in your course.

  • Some accommodations are arranged by Disability Resources (alternate format texts, notetaking)
  • Some are arranged by the instructor (enlarged font handouts, lists of specialized vocabulary)
  • Some are arranged in conjunction (test accommodations)

If you are unsure where the responsibility for an accommodation lies, please contact Disability Resources at (541)552-6213.