Some students benefit from the use of a smart pen that records the lecture and synchronizes that recording with the notes that the student takes. This provides a targeted, specific way to review notes that also provides the student with an exact recall of the information given by the instructor - a fantastic best-of-both-worlds process that increases the student's independence!

How the Accommodation Works

Obviously, smart pens are available for anyone who wants to purchase one; students and faculty of all descriptions and abilities use them.

What Disability Resources provides in this accommodation is the loan of a pen and notification to the instructor that the use of the pen in the course is a specific accommodation for a disability. Though Oregon's Electronic Recording Law  (ORS 165.540 subsection 6) is generous, this notification ensures that instructors understand the purpose of the recording .

Some students who already own their own Livescribe pen will utilize just the notification aspect of the accommodation. Generally, students are either eligible for the traditional notetaking accommodation or the pen, not both.

Disability Resources can only loan pens to SOU students who are eligible for notetaking accommodations due to a specific disability. Eligible students request the use of the pen as they do any other accommodation, through the AIMS website.

Need Help?

If you're having difficulty with the pen, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure the pen is charged fully and on
  • Make sure you're holding it so that you are not covering the camera at the base of the nib
  • Make sure you're using Livescribe paper - otherwise, you'll have a recording but no notes. Paper is available in the Bookstore
  • If you want to download your notes to your computer, make sure you have first downloaded the free desktop software from

Still having trouble? Let us know or contact our office to schedule a time for troubleshooting!

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