The Tape Code Conversion Form (SOTCNVT) allows authorized users to map select values from an external data source to equivalent values in Banner.

Accessing the Tape Code Conversion Form from Banner

  1. Log into Banner.

  2. Open Banner.

  3. Open Student.

  4. Open Student System Management.

  5. Select Tape Code Conversion(SOTCNVT).

When you become familiar with the names of the forms, you can type the form name (SOTCNVT) at the Direct Access prompt as soon as you enter Banner rather than using the menus.

Setting Up Conversion Values

Key Block

The Key block identifies the source of data, also called interface type, and the kind of data to be translated. Enter the following information:

Interface Type: This value identifies the external data source. Press the Search iconic button for a list of values.

Validation Table Name: This value is the last 4 characters of the validation table and form name used in Banner SIS. For example, for county codes, validated against STVCNTY, enter 'CNTY', or for major codes, validated against STVMAJR, enter ' MAJR'. There is no list of values. This data is not validated.

Once the above fields have been entered, choose Block/Next from the menu bar to move to the Detail block or use the mouse to click into the Detail block. Data mappings defined to translate information for this source and type of data to Banner values will be displayed.

Detail Block
Table Name must always be the same as Validation Table Name in the key block.Tape Value is the value which comes from the data file. Special cases:
* - Identifies the conversion values to use if the tape value is missing. DEFAULT - Identifies the conversion value used when a tape value exists but there is no explicit data conversion in the conversion table.
Conversion Code is the matching value from the Banner SIS validation table.Special case: For validation table "TERM" (STVTERM), high school and prior college graduation dates in a variety of formats can be translated to the term code for the term the person is being recruited for.

This example shows how a validated conversion appears, how high school and college graduation dates are converted to term codes, and demonstrates setup of * and DEFAULT entries.

Once the detail has been entered or updated, choose File/Save from the menu bar to save the records or File/Exit from the menu bar to exit the form without saving the changes.