Media Services Checkout

Location:  Computing Services West

Phone: 541-552-6900  Email:

Equipment Available for checkout. Reservations are recommended to ensure availability.

Dell Laptops

Projectors & Screens

PA Systems

Webcams & Go-Pro

External DVD Drive



Cables and Adapters


Voice Recorders

Huion USB Pen Tablet

Slide Advancers

Media Equipment is available to SOU Faculty and Staff for a 72-hour checkout. Please fill out this form to request equipment. SOU students must have a faculty sponsor fill out an approval form.

Two Way Video Conferencing Services

  • Locations:   Ed-Psych 164, ED-Psych 196, Churchill 100, HEC 126,
  • Bridging multiple sites available
  • Questions and Support: Contact Don Hill. 541-552-6596.

Smart Classroom support

SOU’s Ashland campus has 75 smart classrooms, all of which include a Windows or Macintosh computer,  DVD player, sound system, and an LCD projector. The campus also has over a dozen computer classrooms, which contain 15 to 30 student-use computers in addition to the standard smart classroom equipment.

For Classroom support, training, or questions, contact 541-552-8900 or email during our normal business hours.

Multimedia Event Services

Services and equipment include portable sound systems, audio mixing, microphones, projector and screens, and internet video streaming ability. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance of the event, contact Don Hill 541-552-6596 or

For video recording of events, navigate to the Digital Media Center Production Services website for services and pricing or call 541.552.7888


Due to the pandemic, please use the Hannon Library to access computers directly. 

In addition to the Hannon Library, we also host a virtual lab that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/7. The virtual lab provides the same access and experience afforded by one of our lab PCs. Remember to save your data to your Box Drive before logging out. Data saved elsewhere will be lost.

Lab assistance is provided by the Classroom and Labs support team, which can be reached at 541-552-8900 or You can also stop by in-person if you’re in Computing Services. The Classrooms and Labs support team is located in Computing Services East.


Most labs offer both color and black-and-white printing. Black-and-white printers generally charge 5 cents per page/side. Most color printers charge 25 to 40 cents per page/side. Charges for student printing are subtracted from the student's pre-paid print credits. If you need to request a refund of your pre-paid print credits after graduation, use this online web form. For more information on printing at SOU, visit the Paper, Printing and Copying section of our online knowledgebase.

“Special” print jobs can be submitted through the Digital Art Printing and Labs website.

Assistive Technologies

All student-use computers in our labs have assistive technologies built in to provide a better user experience for students with additional accessibility needs. Several of our general-use labs, including the Hannon Library Reference area, the Main Computer Lab, and the Commuter Resource Center in the Stevenson Union, also have adjustable-height desks for wheelchair access.

For assistance, please email Aubrey Owens with Disability Resources or call 541-552-6213.