If it looks suspicious, don't click it.

Regardless of which email you received, there is one theme that you should apply to email.

When you receive an email that:

  • seems out of the norm;
  • seems too good to be true;
  • gives you any trepidation;
  • seems to be trying to scare you in an unexpected way;

...don't trust it. Trust your instincts first. 

The quickest way to verify most emails is to simply hover over the links, as most often the attackers are trying to get you to visit a malicious website where they can introduce malicious code onto your computer. As mentioned, be careful to check that a link actually takes you to the real domain and not a close knock-off of the domain. A great example of these types of links were seen in the Google Account and Human Bean phishing emails.

If you don't feel 100% confident, don't click. Instead, contact your Computing Coordinator or the IT Helpdesk (541-552-6900) for guidance.