Dear Campus Colleagues-

On January 31st, we in I.T. kicked-off a new cybersecurity training program. This program is designed to provide our employees with training to the various types of social engineering threats that are affecting universities, governments and businesses worldwide. Social engineering is one of the most successful techniques that cybercriminals are using to steal information or inflict harm on unsuspecting people.

The cybersecurity program that we are rolling out is similar to programs already in place at many of our peer universities. Schools such as OHSU, Gonzaga and the Universities of Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii and Idaho are currently running similar programs. In addition, the University of Oregon is about to launch one as well.

The intention of this program is to increase everybody's awareness of current social engineering threats and the advanced techniques that cybercriminals are using. Currently, these techniques include phishing, spear-phishing, vishing and even hardware/USB infection.

This new Cybersecurity site has been created to share information with you about the cybersecurity training program and to give examples of the types of threats that you may experience in your daily life. We will be posting examples of phishing emails, sharing professionally produced training videos and posters, and giving tips for steps you can take to protect yourselves and the information of our students and the university.

To navigate the Cybersecurity site, use the menu on the left of each page. Hover over the "Cybersecurity" link and choose the page you want to view from the flyout menu.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.


Thomas Battaglia
Chief Information Officer