Our network accounts at SOU grant us access to important student information, financial data, critical systems, and more, which is why securing them is so vital. Passwords are vulnerable because they can be breached through phishing scams, keyloggers, hacks of outside websites, and sticky notes "hidden" at desks, just to name a few risks. Thankfully there is a solution that can secure your SOU account even if your password becomes compromised. It is called MFA (multi-factor authentication) and it is coming to SOU in the form of a product called Duo. All employees will soon be required to use Duo to authenticate to InsideSOU and all of our online services.
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The typical way to use Duo is with an app on a smartphone, but Duo also supports authentication using a phone call to your desk phone (or an older cell phone) and hardware tokens. Keep scrolling to learn more.
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All faculty will soon be required to use Duo to secure their accounts, but don't worry, many of your colleagues at SOU have been using it for a while already and it really works! Getting started is easy. You have the following options to get set up:
  1. Enroll yourself by following the instructions in our online knowledgebase. First enable Duo, then add your authentication device(s) to your account following the instructions.
  2. Visit us at the IT Helpdesk in Computing Services East where one of our Computing Coordinators will help you get set up.
  3. Attend an upcoming Duo training class. Our upcoming calendar of training classes is available here. Be on the lookout for announcement emails from John Stevenson as well.
  4. Schedule an appointment with your Computing Coordinator.
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We understand that faculty are concerned about using Duo in the classroom where your phones or cellular reception may not be available to you. That's why we are offering all faculty one free OTP token for use with Duo. (Additional tokens must be paid for by your department.) These tokens attach to key rings, fit nicely into pockets and purses, and enable you to authenticate to Duo without the use of a phone. You can learn more about the tokens here.
If you ever end up stranded without any of your Duo authentication options available to you, call the IT Helpdesk at 541-552-6900. We have the ability to grant you a temporary bypass code for use with Duo that should last long enough to at least get you through a class.
Thank you for your time and your cooperation with this new security initiative. If you have any questions or concerns about the Duo program, please contact your Computing Coordinator.