Wireless Access

We offer wireless Internet access to all employees and students at SOU with coverage extending over the entirety of our Ashland campus and at the Higher Education Center in Medford.

For instructions on how to connect to SOU-Wireless from a Windows computer,  or connect to SOU-Wireless from a Macintosh.

SOU-Wireless is an open wireless network, which means you do not need a special key or a password to connect to it. Users without a SOU network account can select “Guest” when prompted. We do, however, require that computers are patched and have a current anti-virus program before connecting to the Internet through SOU-Wireless. We do this to provide a safe user-friendly environment for everyone on the wireless network. For more information about this policy and the program we use to enforce it, called Impulse Point SafeConnect.

NOTE: Smart phones and tablets do not require registration or anti-virus. Just connect and start browsing.

Secure Wireless Access

Institutionally-owned computers are automatically configured to connect to our secure wireless network.  Please contact your Computing Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Residence Hall Network

Computer registration in the residence halls is handled by Impulse Point SafeConnect. When you first connect your computer to the network via one of the wall jacks in your room, SafeConnect will walk you through the registration process, which includes ensuring that your computer is equipped with up-to-date malware protection. You do not need to go through this process with gaming consoles.

If you encounter problems with your Internet access in the residence halls, call the IT Helpdesk at (541) 552-6900 or email them at helpdesk@sou.edu. You can also visit support.sou.edu to submit a support ticket, or talk to your Resident Advisor.

Cellular Telephones

For instructions on how to access your SOU e-mail on your Android smartphone. For instructions on how to access your SOU e-mail on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch).

The cellular reception you receive while on campus will vary depending upon a number of factors, including who your carrier is, the type of phone you use, and where you’re physically located at the time. Poor reception typically isn’t a problem for the vast majority of our users, but if you find you can’t get a good signal while outside on our campus, you should contact your cellular provider.

SOU Mobile

Smart phone users should check out our SOU Mobile app available on both Android and iOS (check the App Store). 

The SOU Mobile app gives you access to the latest SOU news and events; our athletics schedule; the campus directory; a map of our campus provided by Google, complete with building floor plans; and more.

Desk Telephones

All SOU employees with an office should have a desk telephone. If you are a SOU employee and you do not currently have a desk phone, contact your Computing Coordinator. Analog telephones are provided for free and digital phones are available for a nominal fee. A small labor fee is also charged to upgraded from an analog telephone to a digital telephone.

If you are a SOU employee and would like to learn more about your phone and its features, voicemail, long distance calling, and how to set up your desk phone to forward calls to your cell phone, please visit the telephone section of our knowledgebase.

Other Services

When changing offices, please use the Office Move form, or contact IT through your Computing Coordinator a week in advance, if possible, so our telecom department has enough time to prepare. This will help ensure that there are no interruptions in your phone service.