The Banner interface with Handshake Career Services software is an automated daily process that sends student contact records for all current and future students in a csv file to Handshake for automated import.  If any of the imported records have changes to Auth ID (used for single sign on), SOU ID or SOU email address, the Importer will reject them with a message that they have a change to a "sensitive field."  Handshake must process sensitive field changes manually, and they have a procedure Career Services must follow to accomplish this.  This documentation explains how to initiate this manual process.

NOTE:  Our Handshake account manager told us in late June, 2017 that he expects a change within the next few months where email address changes will be handled by the automated process.  This process is needed until that time.

Checking for Sensitive Field Change Errors

Email address changes are not frequent at SOU, but they do occur.  When a student requests a name change, such as a spouse/partner last name, they can request a new email address reflecting their new last name.  This record will be rejected when processed by the automated interface.  The Importer will process the rest of the file though.  Consequently, the Handshake administrator in Career Services needs to check the Importer log periodically for errors. 

 To check to see if there were any errors in the latest file import process:

  1. Log in to Handshake Importer.
  2. Check the most recent file (the one at the top) of the log.
  3. If there was an error, the orange button on the right will say "Complete, with errors."

Processing Sensitive Field Changes

  1. Click anywhere on the line for this log file.
  2. Click on the View/Download Results button on the upper right.
  3. Click on Download Failed Row CSV.
  4. A dialog box will appear.
  5. Select Open with Microsoft Excel.
  6. Save the file to one of your folders.
  7. Mail the file as an attachment to the SOU account rep: Michael Harbaugh <harbaugh@joinhandshake.com>