The Instructor Schedules report (SIRASGQ) prints an instructor's schedule of classes for a term. The report may be run directly from Banner and is available for use by most faculty and staff who access Banner.   If you do not have access to the report, please contact our Faculty & Staff Help Desk.

Accessing the Instructor Schedules Report

You may access the Instructor Schedules Report using Direct Access or the Reports menu. When you select the Instructor Schedules report, the Process Submissions Control form (GJAPCTL) will display so that you may enter the parameters required to run the report.

Accessing the Job Using the Reports and Jobs Menu
  1. Log into Banner.
  2. Click on the Applications icon Applications icon on the left navigation bar.
  3. Expand the Banner menu.
  4. Expand the Reports and Jobs menu.
  5. Expand the Academic Affairs menu.
  6. Expand the Academic Departments menu.
  7. Select Instructor Schedules (SIRASGQ).
Accessing the Job Using Search
  1. Log into Banner.
  2. Start typing "instructor s" ino the Search box in the main Welcome screen.
  3. This will pull up a list of items that have "Unof" in the name. Select Instructor Schedules (SIRASGQ) from the list.

Running the Job

To run the job, you first need to set up the required parameters. The Process Submissions Control page (GJAPCTL) is used to enter parameters for jobs.

Key Section (Page 1 - Section 1):

The Key block specifies which report you are running. It will be pre-populated with the Instructor Schedules report (SIRASGQ).

Enter the following information:

Process: Process will be pre-populated. If it is blank or has the wrong job, enter SIRASGQ.

Parameter Set: Enter the name for the set of parameters you wish to use if you have saved a set of parameters previously. Otherwise, leave blank. Note: We recommend that you do not use a saved parameter set for the Instructor Schedules report.

Click on the Go button to move to the Printer Control section

Printer Control Section (Page 1 - Section 2):

The Printer Control block allows you to choose which printer to use, the number of lines to print per page, and the time to submit the job.

Enter the following information:

Printer: Enter the printer code for where you want the report to print.  Press F9 or click the button with a caption of "..." on the right side of the text box to get a list of valid values.  If you do not see your department print queue listed, call our Faculty & Staff Help Desk for assistance.  If you would like to review the report online, enter DATABASE in the printer field. If you would like to have the report sent to your personal network drive (p drive), enter SFTP_PDF in the printer field.

Special Print: Enter LANDSCAPE if field is empty.

Number of Lines: Enter the number of lines per page you wish to print or use the default already entered. Note: If you choose a larger number of lines than will fit on the page, the report will not print properly. We recommend this value is left blank.

Submit Time: Leave the value blank if you wish report to run immediately. If you wish the report job to run at a later time, enter the time in military format (i.e., 23:00 for 11:00 PM).

Use the mouse to click into the Parameter Values section.

Parameter Values Section (Page 1 - Section 3):

The Parameter Values section displays a list of parameters used to create the report. As you cursor through each parameter, help text about the parameter is displayed underneath the list of parameters at the bottom of the Parameter Values section. Click on the Search icon for the Values field to see a list of valid values if one is available.

Enter the following information:

Process Term: Enter the term code of the schedule. Press F9 or click the button with a caption of "..." on the right side of the text box to get a list of valid values.

Instructor ID(s): Enter the ID number of the instructor or % for all (choose Record/Insert to enter more than one instructor ID using parameter number 02).

Part of Term: Enter Part of Term or % for all.

Print Salary: Won't be used - Leave the value blank.

Salary Effective Date: Required if you choose to print salary - Leave the value blank.

Use the mouse or down and up arrow keys to cursor through the records. After entering your parameter values, use the mouse to click into the Submission Section.

Submission Section (Page 1 - Section 4):

The Submission section allows you to save your parameters for future use and to submit the job.

Enter the following information:

Save Parameter Set as: If you wish to save the parameters to use again, check this box.

Name: If you have checked the Save Parameter Set as box, enter a name for the parameter set. If you did not check the Save Parameter Set as box, leave Name blank.

Description: If you have checked the Save Parameter Set as box, enter a description for the parameter set. If you did not check the Save Parameter Set as box, leave Description blank.

Hold/Submit: Select the Submit radio button.

Click on the Save button in the bottom right corner of the page to submit your job. The report should be available within a few minutes.