Use this page to create a personal menu tied to your Banner user ID. A personal menu contains the pages, jobs, reports, menus, and QuickFlows that are most important in your daily work. Once the personal menu is created, you can access it from the My Banner menu.

The contents of My Banner under Applications on the Toggle Menu is controlled from this maintenance page, so their contents should be identical. After making your changes you must logout and login again to Banner for your changes to be reflected in your personal menu.

My Banner Maintenance Page

Banner includes a My Banner menu under Applications. This menu contains the My Banner Maintenance page as well as any pages, jobs, reports, menus and QuickFlows you have previously added to your personal menu. When you become familiar with the names of the pages, you can eliminate the use of menus by typing the 7-10 character page name or the description in the Search box as soon as you enter Banner.

  1. Log into Banner.

  2. Click on Applications on the Toggle Menu.
  3. Open My Banner menu.

  4. Select the My Banner Maintenance (GUAPMNU) page.

Maintaining Your Personal Menu

Select the My Banner Maintenance page (GUAPMNU) to view and maintain all items on your personal My Banner menu.

This page contains three parts:

  • The left pane lists the available pages, jobs, menus, or QuickFlows that can be added to a personal menu. When you select an object type from the pull-down list above this pane, a list of associated objects appears in the left pane.
  • The middle of the page contains buttons used to insert your selections, remove selections, insert all items listed from the left pane, and remove all items from the right pane.
  • The right pane lists the contents of the personal menu. The field above the right pane shows the Banner user ID associated with the person logged on to the system.

To add objects to a personal menu, select names in the left pane by double-clicking them, and then use the Insert Selection or Insert All button. To remove objects from a personal menu, select names in the right pane by double-clicking them, and then use the Remove Selection or Remove All button.

Click Save from the lower right corner then exit the form.