The SOU IT Information Systems team provides programming and support for the Banner Enterprise Resource Planning system and other related campus systems.

Programming requests are defined as follows:

  1. Enhancement – local custom program that works with the vendor system but requires no changes to the vendor supplied programs.
  2. Baseline Modification – programming changes to a vendor supplied program.

Baseline modifications are rarely done due to the high cost of on-going maintenance and reduced support from the vendor.  Note: Not all vendor software can be modified. 

Programming Request Procedure

  1. Department manager submits a detailed request of the programming desired via the Request for Service Detail form (RFSREQD) in Banner or via the Help Desk Ticketing System.  Justification for the programming must be provided.
  2. The request is reviewed by the RFS Committee.  The committee evaluates the requests based on the following criteria:
    1. Value of the request.
    2. Complexity of the request and time required to implement.
    3. On-going maintenance required after initial implementation.
  3. The RFS Committee makes a recommendation to approve or not approve a request.  If a recommendation to approve is made, the request is assigned a priority of 1-4 (1=highest, 4=lowest) to the request.  The recommendations are submitted to the Banner User Group for approval.
  4. If the RFS Committee recommends approval and the Banner User Group accepts the recommendation, the request will be added to the project queue.  Requests with a high priority will be scheduled first.  A list of all projects and their status may be viewed in Banner.