The purpose of the Student Access Blumen Extract program is to create exract files from Banner to be loaded into Blumen. Blumen can import 4 different data files..

  • Main – permanent data about students, such as name and address.
  • Courses – course enrollment data.
  • Yearly – academic year beginning and ending data.
  • Semester - student information register for term entered. Includes beginning and ending GPA  and credit hours. 

Extracting data and importing it in Blumen consists of 3 steps:

  1. Run the Student Access Blumen Extract from Banner to create any or all of the 4 data files using SFTP as the printer.
  2. Locate the files created under P:/BannerFiles
  3. Open the files in Excel and Save As and Excel Spreadsheet. Blumen requires files to be Excel. Files come from Banner as comma delimited files with .csv as the extension.
  4. Run the Blumen program to load each of the extract files created.

Running the Student Access Blumen Extract from Banner

  1. Log into InsideSOU.
  2. Select Banner 9 from the Online Services section of InsideSOU.
  3. From the Welcome Search bar type blumen. The Student Access Blumen Extract job (SA_BANNER_TO_BLUMEN_EXTRACT) will pop up for you to select. It takes you to the Admin Page GJAPCTL to run the job.
  4. From the GJAPCTL Admin Page Key block, press the GO button to go to the Printer Control block.
    • The printer field automatically filles in with SFTP. Do not change.
    • Using SFTP will allow the files created to be FTP'd to your P:/BannerFiles directory.
  5. From the Printer Control block, <Alt> <page down> to the Parameter Values block. You can also click to that block.
    • Enter the term code for your population selection. The program will find all students enrolled with the ASP1, ASPG or ASPN attribute during the last six years (what needs to be tracked) who have also been enrolled during the last 6 years. 
    • Enter Y as the parameter value for any of the 4 extract files you wish to create.
  6. <Alt><Page down> to the Submission block (or use your mouse to click on the submission block).
    • Check the Submit radio button.
    • Press the Save button to submit the program to run immediately. The program should take 5 minutes or less to run, depending on how many files you are creating.
  7. Extract files. When the job has finished, there will be 1 to 4 new extract files in your P:/BannerFiles directory depending on which files you wanted the program to create. The file names are as follows:
    • sa_banner_to_blumen_main.csv
    • sa_banner_to_blumen_courses.csv
    • sa_banner_to_blumen_yearly.csv
    • sa_banner_to_blumen_semester.csv
  8. The files should now be ready for import via Blumen.