The Faculty Schedule Query Form displays a faculty member's schedule for a given term, including times, days, and rooms.

Accessing the Faculty Schedule Query Form from Banner

Banner includes a Query menu. This menu contains commonly used Banner forms. When you become familiar with the names of the forms, you can eliminate the use of menus by typing the 7-10 character form name in the Direct Access box as soon as you enter Banner.

  1. Log into Banner.

  2. Open Southern Oregon University menu.

  3. Open Query menu.

  4. Select the Faculty Schedule Query form.

Viewing Faculty Schedules

Select the Faculty Schedule Query form (SIAASGQ) to view a faculty member's instructional schedule for a term. The form is divided into 2 sections divided by a horizontal line. In the Key block you identify the faculty member and the term you wish to view. The Detail block lists the faculty member's schedule for the term in Key block.

Key Block

Faculty ID: Enter the ID of the faculty member whose schedule you wish to see. If you do not know the ID, you may tab to the next field and enter a full or partial name or you may choose Help/List from the menu bar to do a search.

Term code: Enter term code or choose from the list of values. Once the above fields have been entered, choose Block/Next from the menu bar to move into the Detail block.

Schedule Detail Block

The Detail block lists the classes, dates, days, times and locations for all the instructional assignments for the faculty member and term in the Key block. There are no updateable fields in the Detail block. You may use the up and down arrows to scroll through the displayed classes. You may query any field in the Detail block you can tab into. Select Query/Enter and Query/Execute from the menu bar.

Choose File/Exit from the menu bar to exit the form.